Born in Melbourne, Australia.
Currently in London, England.
Since 2008, Ava Coffen started collecting and archiving High End Antique, Vintage, Designer & Costume pieces. She developed a strong eye for fabrics, structure, design and tapestry through her love for history, music, film, art & different cultures through out time.
It wasnt until Ava started working as a international model that big name stylists, photographers, film crews, musicans & creatives were requesting clothing from her archive to shoot for their own projects (usually just after meeting her and seeing what she was wearing herself on a daily basis).
After about a year of selling & hiring out pieces to different clients. Ava realised she was not getting enough out of hiring her clothes out to stylists, and became one her self. It was time to start her own portfolio and start styling & collaboratting with the creatives she had met & helped along the way.

This website features not only Ava Coffen’s Styling work but also features work of other creatives who have hired pieces from her archive to create their own vision, as well as valued assistant styling work.

Ava Coffens creative ethos is dedicated to play with how one dresses, and presents themselves in society visually. She beileves fashion is an art to be shared not to be glorified. In a world of fast fashion and fast technology people spend so much money trying to look alike and to be on trend. Ava’s mission is to show the world that you can be marry with high end & history. In a way to give garments new life, meaning and purpose. Whether it be personally or commerically.


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